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Having recieved stemcell treatment in december 2015 watch my improvements unfold over the coming weeks and months


Ms M C  ,68yrs , Israel      Parkinsons Disease


Parkinsons is a progressive disease and my mother aged 68 deteriated rapidly. As a physician myself I tried to contact top specialists with no luck. I understand the dilema patients have with new and controversial treatments,  howevermy mother did not have time on her side and so i chose to be proactive and decided to give her a much needed chance. Shortly after stemcell therapy my  mother was more alert and talkative, more mobile and interacted better . I am in full support of stemcell therapy and recomend it often. The cost is always important but so is the benefit that one can get from this unique proceedure .


Mr M P  ,  30yrs, Germany       C.O.P.D


I was diagnosed with COPD two years ago, and usual treatments did not help. I had trouble walking up the stairs and i had a persistant cough. I was very tired all of the time, and had to use my inhaler alot. I could not even prounounce long sentences or even eat without struggling for breath and having to rest . I became mildly depressed.


The treatment was painless , and after five weeks i could definately begin to notice improvements. I began walking up the stairs without resting so often. I could talk much easier without shortness of breath.


Three months after treatment I noticed that iI started walking much longer distances before resting, and i did not use my inhaler as much as before.


It has now been five months since my treatment and i feel much better, much better now. My mood has changed, I can speak quite normally and feel that my condition is improving every month.


I would like to recomend stem cells treatment to people with COPD , it worked for me and could work for you too. I am so thankfull for the staff at belgrade clinic for treating me so well everyone is so nice there .


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