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By shaunlawrence, Mar 15 2018 07:11PM

15/3/18 update Over 2 years since my stemcell treatment, how is life now ? Well I continue to fight to keep my mobility, is fight the right word? Yes I believe it is, the stemcells have worked, they have performed their miraculous repair. But muscles which have wasted over the years are weak and weak muscles give the misconception that the stemcell treatment has not worked, the truth is I have to force myself to go to the gym and pool three or four times a week, 30 mins on the bike covering 4 miles or more, and 40 to 60mins walking in the therapy pool add in a little bit of leg work on various machines, the rowing machine and balance board ! Some days are harder than others, but I know that before treatment everyday was hard and every week I got worse! Not now thanks to stemcells, every week I realise how much more I can do and for that I am very thankfull. Life is so much better with a positive mind and positive future!!!!

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