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my story

By shaunlaw, Apr 27 2016 08:32PM

2009 Diagnosis Benign MS

2011 Rediagnosis Relapsing Remitting MS

2014 Rediagnosis Primary Progressive MS

My life has changed , the only certainty is that i will deteriate at an uncertain rate.

I struggle to walk , even using an ankle brace and walking stick I can only walk for 5 minutes before taking a break . Bowel and urinary urgences have made life difficult . Fatigue and cognitive problems have increased. My neurologist offers no treatment, no help, NO HOPE !

I begin a painstaking 6 month search of the internet for answers , and on the advice of my daughters and close family i investigate stem cells. At last i see a glimmer of hope.

I search for clinical trials in the UK only to face rejection , oversubscribed , dont meet the criteria needed , back to square one NO HOPE !

Undetered i find a private clinic overseas , costly but compared to my future of increased disability I considered it to be the only way forward, and cheap compared to NO HOPE !

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