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By shaunlaw, May 23 2016 06:50PM

Today i have had bone marrow taken and my own stem cells extracted from it. I chose to have this done under local anesthesia, all went well a little uncomfortable but pain free.The procceedure took 3 hrs by which time i had my stemcells retuned via a lumber puncture into my spinal chord and iv drip into my blood. Now feeling very tired but happy with a great result. Please keep in touch and use the contact us button, leaving your details as requested and then simply press send, for any help or advice that i can give to you. ALL information will be kept confidential and private. I hope to hear from you soon and together we can make a difference for a brighter future. I did it and so can you . Shaun

Jun 4 2016 05:01PM by Helen Piska

Dear Shaun,

I would love to hear of your experience of Swiss medica. I am going in July for treatment for my stroke. I would be delighted to hear from you. My tel. No is 01275 853038 or you can email me. Thank you. Helen Piska

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