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By shaunlaw, May 16 2016 05:32PM

Day one in moscow , a restful night and after breakfast i have given blood to be tested for any abnormalities then the start of several vitamin enhancing iv drips , oxygen therapy and laser treatment to clean any rogue cells from the blood . Feeling very positive in a friendly and inviting atmosphere with more confidence in the medical staff than the UK !

May 16 2016 05:48PM by Rose Hall

Wonderful this is helping you so much, but it really should be available over here! Love & best wishes

May 16 2016 05:52PM by louise

Good luck x

May 16 2016 06:45PM by Nick Bourne

Hope everything goes well!

May 16 2016 06:49PM by shaun

thankyou for your amazing support and helping to spread what an amazing treatment this trully is .

May 16 2016 07:10PM by beverleyhaycocks

You are one amazing man. That as such courage. This treatment is making you a new man. Lot of love Bev. Xx

May 17 2016 03:19AM by carol

Hope all goes well keep in touch xx

May 17 2016 07:05AM by Clare Bunny

People in the UK need to know any alternatives available and you are helping by having this treatment and are living proof that it works. I hope the second course goes well and wishing you all the best Shaun.

May 18 2016 09:50AM by Kath Stockton

Thinking of you, good luck!! This treatment should be available in THIS country for all that might be helped by it. Kxx

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