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Hope to all sufferers

By shaunlaw, Jul 4 2016 07:31PM

I have spoken to some amazing people in the last few weeks, people suffering from debilitating conditions which threaten their quality of life. Interested in my own experiences and putting negative scare mongering thoughts to one side, most have decided as i did myself, that nobody in the UK is willing to offer any help or relief and they have made the decision to act for themselves and improve their lives. Yes it does unfortunately mean that the treatment comes at a cost, BUT the treatment IS REAL, it definately DOES WORK and contrary to what scare mongering individuals and companies who stand to lose out as a result of this treatment would like us to believe, IT IS SAFE . Millions of people in the UK are told there is NO HOPE of a cure, or NO HOPE of any respite from their suffering, when in reality THERE IS! Stem cells are completely natural, produced by the body for the body to use to regenerate damaged cells. Its as simple as that, NO DRUGS which is a clue as to who wants to stop this cutting edge treatment from being more widely available. Please dont sit in misery, accepting drugs which only mask the problems and sometimes have horrible side effects, DO SOMETHING POSITIVE, make a change for the better, contact me today using the contact us button, and LOOK FORWARD to a better future. I did it and you can too!

Jul 5 2016 02:10PM by Robert Clay

Agreed advice is difficult to interpret how advanced is treatment? Health care provider will fund treatment which improves condition,what are the options?

Jul 6 2016 09:25AM by shaun lawrence

Hi Robert The treatment is extremely advanced, although additional things are being learnt and developed all of the time in laboratories and clinics throughout the world. I have been fortunate to see with my own eyes some of the improvements that people have received, whilst having the treatment myself. Unfortunately i dont know of any funding to help with this proceedure. In the UK there are trials being done which are funded and free to the participent. However these trials are difficult to get onto , mainly due to high volume of people wanting to use the treatment and also a strict criteria to allow involvement. I simply could not afford to wait for a trial to accept me as my condition was accelerating at a concerning rate. The sooner after diagnosis that stem cells are used the better for any conditions.

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