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27/01/2017 Update

By shaunlaw, Jan 27 2017 02:28PM

It is now over 12 months since the start of my journey to change my life forever. Many uncertanties faced me when i made the decision to treat my Multiple Schlerosis myself, many misleading articles of doom using rogue companies, well my decision was made easier by so called specialists, drs, neurologists all offering NO solutions whatsoever. My research led me to a fantastic swiss company, and having recieved just two weeks treatment who would of believed that the outcome would of been so good. Today 12mths later my walking has improved and most importantly the improvements have lasted. I have spoken to many people via forums and websites, the whole subject of stem cell treatment raises many questions and uncertanties, who should we believe? Well in my opinion the only people who are trully unbiased in their opinions, are the testimonials from those who have taken a very brave leap and had the treatment done! Listen to their stories, hear how advice from specialist drs and all empowering drug companies are completely wrong......." dont do it"......." it wont work"..... "you will waste your money"...... well instead of doing nothing and watching myself get worse each month, i did do it, it did work and i didnt waste my money! 6mths after my treatment abroad i went to see my neurologist who concluded after examining me that i have more strength in my muscles and that my walking has improved! Not a bad result for a treatment that they dismiss! And now I share this information with whosoever wants to listen, my website is here to help you, take advantage and contact me, ask questions and maybe you too can improve your life for the better. Take care look forward to hearing from you !

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