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22 august 2016 update

By shaunlaw, Aug 22 2016 05:19PM

Just got back from a 5 mile bike ride , its getting easier now! Still walking better and really pleased with the results of my last treatment. Spoken to some lovely people over the last month who are considering or actually going for the same treatment that i have had. Lots of confusion seems to surround the subject of stemcell treatment, I have been informed that a very small minority have been accepted for treatment at a uk teaching hospital, the criteria is very strict and it appears that only after trying drug related treatments that have failed, can you be elligable to enrol. This seems crazy to me, and it would appear that the UK is selecting people for treatment which should be available for all . The UK treatment unfortunately involves chemotherapy, which is reported to have a high risk of infections and even one death. I am pleased with my choice to travel abroad, avoid chemo and be fortunate to have met several people in a similar predicament to myself, who have had the same treatment as me over 4 yrs ago and are still enjoying their improvements. My advice to everyone is to do what you are able, to stop your individual disease or complaint as soon as possible. I am happy to give advice and support to anyone who contacts me! Above all else dont give up hope believe in a better future.

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