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By shaunlawrence, Aug 16 2019 11:58AM

16/8/2019 Busy year and thankfully still living life to the full. Stemcell combinations have STOPPED any disease progression and my improvements have remained strong. I have been lucky to of helped many more people through my site, some just needed a sympathetic ear but most went to have treatment and are seeing the benefits for themselves. Any questions PLEASE get in touch, dont settle for anything less than the best future possible. Stay strong and optimistic my friends

By shaunlawrence, Mar 15 2018 07:11PM

15/3/18 update Over 2 years since my stemcell treatment, how is life now ? Well I continue to fight to keep my mobility, is fight the right word? Yes I believe it is, the stemcells have worked, they have performed their miraculous repair. But muscles which have wasted over the years are weak and weak muscles give the misconception that the stemcell treatment has not worked, the truth is I have to force myself to go to the gym and pool three or four times a week, 30 mins on the bike covering 4 miles or more, and 40 to 60mins walking in the therapy pool add in a little bit of leg work on various machines, the rowing machine and balance board ! Some days are harder than others, but I know that before treatment everyday was hard and every week I got worse! Not now thanks to stemcells, every week I realise how much more I can do and for that I am very thankfull. Life is so much better with a positive mind and positive future!!!!

By shaunlaw, Jan 27 2017 02:28PM

It is now over 12 months since the start of my journey to change my life forever. Many uncertanties faced me when i made the decision to treat my Multiple Schlerosis myself, many misleading articles of doom using rogue companies, well my decision was made easier by so called specialists, drs, neurologists all offering NO solutions whatsoever. My research led me to a fantastic swiss company, and having recieved just two weeks treatment who would of believed that the outcome would of been so good. Today 12mths later my walking has improved and most importantly the improvements have lasted. I have spoken to many people via forums and websites, the whole subject of stem cell treatment raises many questions and uncertanties, who should we believe? Well in my opinion the only people who are trully unbiased in their opinions, are the testimonials from those who have taken a very brave leap and had the treatment done! Listen to their stories, hear how advice from specialist drs and all empowering drug companies are completely wrong......." dont do it"......." it wont work"..... "you will waste your money"...... well instead of doing nothing and watching myself get worse each month, i did do it, it did work and i didnt waste my money! 6mths after my treatment abroad i went to see my neurologist who concluded after examining me that i have more strength in my muscles and that my walking has improved! Not a bad result for a treatment that they dismiss! And now I share this information with whosoever wants to listen, my website is here to help you, take advantage and contact me, ask questions and maybe you too can improve your life for the better. Take care look forward to hearing from you !

By shaunlaw, Oct 14 2016 02:31PM

My own circumstances are ten months after treatment , my improvements have remained and i am cycling 5miles 3 times a week. My ability to walk has improved and the future looks good. A future that i had given up on , now a future filled with hope.

By shaunlaw, Aug 22 2016 05:19PM

Just got back from a 5 mile bike ride , its getting easier now! Still walking better and really pleased with the results of my last treatment. Spoken to some lovely people over the last month who are considering or actually going for the same treatment that i have had. Lots of confusion seems to surround the subject of stemcell treatment, I have been informed that a very small minority have been accepted for treatment at a uk teaching hospital, the criteria is very strict and it appears that only after trying drug related treatments that have failed, can you be elligable to enrol. This seems crazy to me, and it would appear that the UK is selecting people for treatment which should be available for all . The UK treatment unfortunately involves chemotherapy, which is reported to have a high risk of infections and even one death. I am pleased with my choice to travel abroad, avoid chemo and be fortunate to have met several people in a similar predicament to myself, who have had the same treatment as me over 4 yrs ago and are still enjoying their improvements. My advice to everyone is to do what you are able, to stop your individual disease or complaint as soon as possible. I am happy to give advice and support to anyone who contacts me! Above all else dont give up hope believe in a better future.

By shaunlaw, Jul 4 2016 07:31PM

I have spoken to some amazing people in the last few weeks, people suffering from debilitating conditions which threaten their quality of life. Interested in my own experiences and putting negative scare mongering thoughts to one side, most have decided as i did myself, that nobody in the UK is willing to offer any help or relief and they have made the decision to act for themselves and improve their lives. Yes it does unfortunately mean that the treatment comes at a cost, BUT the treatment IS REAL, it definately DOES WORK and contrary to what scare mongering individuals and companies who stand to lose out as a result of this treatment would like us to believe, IT IS SAFE . Millions of people in the UK are told there is NO HOPE of a cure, or NO HOPE of any respite from their suffering, when in reality THERE IS! Stem cells are completely natural, produced by the body for the body to use to regenerate damaged cells. Its as simple as that, NO DRUGS which is a clue as to who wants to stop this cutting edge treatment from being more widely available. Please dont sit in misery, accepting drugs which only mask the problems and sometimes have horrible side effects, DO SOMETHING POSITIVE, make a change for the better, contact me today using the contact us button, and LOOK FORWARD to a better future. I did it and you can too!

By shaunlaw, May 23 2016 06:50PM

Today i have had bone marrow taken and my own stem cells extracted from it. I chose to have this done under local anesthesia, all went well a little uncomfortable but pain free.The procceedure took 3 hrs by which time i had my stemcells retuned via a lumber puncture into my spinal chord and iv drip into my blood. Now feeling very tired but happy with a great result. Please keep in touch and use the contact us button, leaving your details as requested and then simply press send, for any help or advice that i can give to you. ALL information will be kept confidential and private. I hope to hear from you soon and together we can make a difference for a brighter future. I did it and so can you . Shaun

By shaunlaw, May 16 2016 05:32PM

Day one in moscow , a restful night and after breakfast i have given blood to be tested for any abnormalities then the start of several vitamin enhancing iv drips , oxygen therapy and laser treatment to clean any rogue cells from the blood . Feeling very positive in a friendly and inviting atmosphere with more confidence in the medical staff than the UK !

By shaunlaw, Apr 28 2016 11:08AM

This is the ONLY treatment available to put an end to disabilities that affect and change peoples lives . I have seen with my own eyes lifechanging moments in these clinics which reduce people to tears . TEARS OF OVERWHELMING DISBELIEF , as we are all told by specialists that there is NO HOPE , NO FUTURE ! Well i can take you to and let you talk to, people who with great courage have researched, sought out and acted on information given to them. I have found documents to support stemcell use, from professors to doctors, university lecturers and even medical institutes to the houses of parliament. The problem seems to be a huge stumbling block called ....... in my opinion ....... MONEY ! There seems to be a body of people intent on stopping the licence of stem cell treatment in the UK and other countries around the world! My questiom is, who would want to stop this becoming available to people who want a normal life, free of disability and exclusion, free from living a life of misery and suffering. Who are these people ? Well my guess is they are people who stand to lose their fortunes, and huge profit margins which they conceal by providing drugs and services to unfortunate people diagnosed with an illness. At the moment the only answer is to spend our hard earned cash abroad, that is what i have been FORCED to do, no other OPTION for me.

PLEASE CONTACT ME WITH ANY DISABILITIES and lets see if together we can find an answer to end your suffering.

Life is much better with HOPE on the horizon !!!!!!

By shaunlaw, Apr 27 2016 08:32PM

2009 Diagnosis Benign MS

2011 Rediagnosis Relapsing Remitting MS

2014 Rediagnosis Primary Progressive MS

My life has changed , the only certainty is that i will deteriate at an uncertain rate.

I struggle to walk , even using an ankle brace and walking stick I can only walk for 5 minutes before taking a break . Bowel and urinary urgences have made life difficult . Fatigue and cognitive problems have increased. My neurologist offers no treatment, no help, NO HOPE !

I begin a painstaking 6 month search of the internet for answers , and on the advice of my daughters and close family i investigate stem cells. At last i see a glimmer of hope.

I search for clinical trials in the UK only to face rejection , oversubscribed , dont meet the criteria needed , back to square one NO HOPE !

Undetered i find a private clinic overseas , costly but compared to my future of increased disability I considered it to be the only way forward, and cheap compared to NO HOPE !

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